Kentish Hops (Book)

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'Kentish Hops' by Bert Symons is a collection of over 80 mainly 18th century Kentish Country dances, mostly unpublished for over 200 years - a must for a Kentish theme evening.



Barham Camp

Knole Park   I

Barham Down

Knole Park   II

Barham Downs


Bayham Abbey

Maidstone Hall


Maidstone, The Merry Girls of

Bromley Bells

Margate, An Adventure at


Margate Assembly   I

Canterbury, Capers at

Margate Assembly   II

Canterbury, The Lovers of

Margate Assembly   III

Canterbury, Revel

Margate Assembly   IV

Canterbury, A Trip to

Margate Hoy

Canterbury, We are All Right at

Margate Pier

Charing, Lasses of

Margate Rout, The

Cox Heath

Margate, A Trip to


Margate Wash

Dartford Camp I

Margate by the Sea, A Trip to

Dartford Camp II


Deal, The Fair Quaker of


Dover Castle

Northdown Waltz

Dover Cliffs


Dover Pier

Orpington, A Trip to



Eastwell Park

Pitt’s Hornpipe

Eltham Assembly


Eltham, The Parson of   I

Ramsgate Assembly

Eltham, The Parson of   II

Ramsgate Pier   I

Eltham, The Parson of   III

Ramsgate Pier   II


Rochester, The Rakes of   I

Greenwich Hill

Rochester, The Rakes of   II

Greenwich Hospital

Rochester, The Rose of

Greenwich Park


Greenwich, A Ramble to

Sailor’s Dance



Hawkhurst, A Trip to

Tenterden, A Trip to

Herne Bay Dance, The

Tunbridge Beauties

High Rocks, The

Tunbridge, The Beaux of

Hop Garden, The

Tunbridge Castle

Hop Ground, The

Tunbridge Frisk

Hop Pickers’ Feast, The

Tunbridge Races


Tunbridge Reel

Kent, The Bowmen of

Tunbridge Rout

Kent, The Maidens of

Tunbridge, A Trip to   I

Kent’s Waltz, The Duke of   I

Tunbridge, A Trip to   II

Kent’s Waltz, The Duke of   II

Tunbridge Walks

Kentish Bowmen   I

Tunbridge Wells, The Smarts of New

Kentish Bowmen   II


Kentish Bowmen, The Royal

Walmer Castle

Kentish Cricketers

Well Hall

Kentish Freeholders

Westerham, A Trip to

Kentish Ramble, The

Wickham, The Fair Maid of