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Contra Dance Nights

Contra dance refers to several partnered folk dance styles in which couples dance in two facing lines of indefinite length. Sometimes described as New England folk dance, contra dances can be found around the world, though they are especially popular in North America.

Bluegrass music is where folk and country come together. Fiddle, banjo and mandolin taking it in turn to take the lead which keeps the music interesting and driving even with an 8 to 10 minute length

Contra Dance Tonight Volumes 1 - 4, Hoedown (double CD).  Most of the tracks are around 9 minutes long.

We have carefully provided you with 5 new CDs amazingly compiled CDs you can purchase today from our website.

Each CD is for available for just £10.00 (plus P&P) and 4 CD's at £35.00 (plus P&P).

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