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Contra Dance Tonight Vols.1-4 (CD Bundle)

Contra Dance Tonight Vols.1-4 (CD Bundle)

We have carefully carefully provided you with 5 new CDs amazingly compiled CDs
you can purchase today from our website.

Each CD is for available for just £10.00 (plus P&P). and 4 CD's at £35.00 (plus P&P).

Contra Dance Tonight Volume 1

The Grasshoppers
1)  Black Mountain Rag
2)  Soldier's Joy
3)  Dixie Hoedown
4)  Arkansas Traveler
5)  Ragtime Annie

Betty Bakingplate
6)  Texas Quickstep/Spootiscary
7)  Kitty Magee/A Hundred Pipers
8)  Barlow Knife/Three Thin Dimes
9)  Bouchard No. 2
10)Hell on the Nine Mile

Contra Dance Tonight Volume 2

La Bastringue
1)  Mary Douglas Jig/Coleraine
2)  Reel Fernando/Galope de Montmagny
3)  Margot Two-Step
4)  Le Cultivateur/Point au Pic
5)  La Grande Chaine/La Chicaneuse

Meet the Beat Boys
6)  Cotton Baggin'
7)  Hawks & Eagles/Rock the Cradle,Joe
8)  East Tennessee Blues/Fourteen Days in Georgia
9)  Liza Jane/Breakin' Up Christmas/Liza Jane
10)Greasy String

Contra Dance Tonight Volume 3

American Cafe Orchestra
1)  The Long Campaign/The Steeplechase/The Maids of Castle Bar
2)  The New Fiddle/Paddy O' Rafferty's Jig/Calliope House
3)  Cape Breton Symphony's Welcome to Shetland/Brenda Stubbert's Reel/Molly Rankin
4)  The King's Favorite/The Hawk/Miss Gordon of Park/Cowboy's Jig
5)  Grey Eagle

Backporch Bluegrass
6)  Liberty
7)  Home Sweet Home
8)  Old Joe Clarke
9)  Flop-Eared Mule
10)Cattle in the Cane

Contra Dance Tonight Volume 4

The Poodles
1)  Julianne Johnson/Grub Springs
2)  Kansas City Reel
3)  Jaybird
4)  George Booker/Highlander's Farewell
5)  Granny, Will Your Dog Bite?

6)  Galope de Montmagny/Trine's Polka/Liberty
7)  Ken Loch Jig/Newfoundland Jig/Tripping Up the Stairs
8)  Reel St. Sauveur/Reel La Vieille Dame/Reel St. Sauveur
9)  Dominion Reel/Miss McLeod's Reel/Dominion Reel
10)Reel de St. Jean/Eddie's Reel/Seneca Square Dance

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