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Kentish Hops (Book)

Kentish Hops (Book)

SKU: 1008-B

'Kentish Hops' by Bert Symons is a collection of over 80 mainly 18th century Kentish Country dances, mostly unpublished for over 200 years - a must for a Kentish theme evening.



Barham Camp

Knole Park   I

Barham Down

Knole Park   II

Barham Downs


Bayham Abbey

Maidstone Hall


Maidstone, The Merry Girls of

Bromley Bells

Margate, An Adventure at


Margate Assembly   I

Canterbury, Capers at

Margate Assembly   II

Canterbury, The Lovers of

Margate Assembly   III

Canterbury, Revel

Margate Assembly   IV

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