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Nothing to Declare (CD)

Nothing to Declare (CD)

SKU: 1021-CD

1. Circassian Circle - The Blackthorn Stick, The Ten penny Bit, Brian Boru March
2. Contraband Gallop - Chinese Breakdown, Old Joe Clark, Boil Em Cabbage Down
3. Clopton Bridge - Lord of the Dance, I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing
4. Strip the Willow - Drops of Brandy, The Night of Fun, The Fox Hunters Jig
5. Grandma's Gallop - My Grandfather's Clock, King Williams March
6. Melody - Celtic Rose, Link Passage, The Lass O'Killiecrankie
7. Cumberland Square Eight - My Love She's but a Lassie Yet, The Cock O'the North, Athol Highlanders
8. Bridge Over Athlone - Sweets of May, Pipe Jig, Dingle's Regatta
9. Down to Earth - Breakdown Polka, Deal Dance
10. Herbie Goes to Town - Minster Jig, You Can't Get the Staff
11. Gerry's Farewell - Alan's Dance, The Black and the Red Shirt
12. The Dark Island - The Dark Island

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